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pretty dull day today. i woke up around 1, and unpacked my stuff from the retreat finally. MSN'd the rest of the day. finished up my math sort of, and totally gave up on geo because it's so confusing. pat was sick today. i miss him. this weekend was brutal </3 we got so used to having each other around alllll day at the retreat. god, i can't wait til tomorrow. oh oh, and alex phoned today. we talked about the most randomest things. hehe. oh oh. our two week anniversary was today. haha *nerd*

things happening this week:

  • seeing the bests on tuesday =)
  • geography trip on wednesday.
  • "dance" on thursday.
  • pa day on friday. beach with pat. possible st. joes visit =)
  • svens on saturday & sleepover with the bests.
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Retreat was AMAZING. I can't even begin to describe it.

Thursday, October 12th, 2006 - Woke up at 5:45, practically dying of exhaustion. I got ready, changed, etc. and did some last minute packing. Lugged my hugeass luggage downstairs, and loaded it into the car. Dad drove me to school, and we got there around 6:45. OCS is amazingly pretty in the dark. I said goodbye to dad, then found Chanel, and Alesha, and got them to watch my stuff. I attacked Pat, and hung around with him, Mike, Jacob, etc for a while. Went back down to grab my stuff, and load it onto the bus... Only for the bus driver to kick us off because we weren't on that bus. Every other bus left, and Bus #4 ended up waiting around for an hour and forty-five minutes in the cold.

Bus ride was okay. Sat in front of Billy, Greg, and Austin, across from Kathlyn and Theresa. Got grossed out by Luke a whole bunch of times. Greg, Luke, and I sang random songs on the way there, and Luke started singing Everytime We Touch in a gay voice. Hilarious shit. We got to Tawingo around. Oh, I'm not even going to bother. Anyway. We unloaded, and put everything in our cabins. Cabin'd with Casey, Maria, Chanel, Alesha, Theresa, Cassandra, Shannon, and Miryam. I found Alex and Kiera, and walked around with them for a while. Found Pat, hung around with him for free time, and then the lunch bell rang. Got together with the Water group (People of importance: Kristin, Chris, Kiera, Jacob, Darreo), then went inside for lunch. I sat with Alex, Kristin, Chris, Kiera, Traci, and Billy. And Becky. That food was shit. Drama happened, so me and Alex went to Pat's table for a bit.

Scavenger Hunt was gay. Chris, Kiera, Becky, Kristin, and I ran around for a bit, then headed back to the blue room. Sports Obstacle course was even gayer. Haha, I fell down while I was doing the Dizzy Bat thing. That was so fucking retarded. Afterwards, we went on the Mountain Hike. It was a bitch getting through those trees, but the view at the top was so fucking worth it. Hiked back down, then had free time before dinner. I found Pat again, and we sat outside of ... Laughton House or something, and talked for a bit. He kept telling me to read his wooden nametag thing, which said "Do Me" but I just kept saying "Doom" because yeah. No. We walked back down to the dining hall, and sat with Jon, Jordan, Alex, Jacob, Mike, and some other people. The best part of the meal was fucking desert. OMGASM. That cake was so good. Haha, Mike put salt and pepper on Jacob's piece, and he actually ate it. Fucking hilarious.

Anyway, free time after dinner again. It was so pretty outside - It was snowing. Me and Pat walked around the campsite holding hands for a while in the dark. It was so romantic, omgsh. We walked to our cabins to grab flashlights, then we met up with Alex, Jordan (They're going out now, how squishy <3), Bree, Billy, Jon, and Mike. We walked to the dining hall together for the magicshowcampfire thing. The power went out like 2 minutes in, and I nearly fell asleep on Pat. Haha. Rhodes and Becky were like wrestling, while Pat, Chris, and I were talking about the Alex situation. After the magicshowcampfire, we went down in the blue room to chill for a bit before midnight snack. I accidentally said, "I love you" to Pat 'coz he gave me Swedish Berries, but I don't think he heard. Thank God. Anyway, we went up for midnight snack. Ew, that hot chocolate tasted like water, and those apples were dry. Sat around listening to the crazy camp director, and then the girls had to go to their cabins. I hugged Pat and Chris bye, then walked with Chanel, and Alesha to our cabin.

We went into our cabin, and we pretty much died. Our heater had been on at full blast, all day. We tried turning it off, but Miryam wouldn't let us, dammit. Haha. We all changed into our P.J.'s, and just stayed up talking. There was a swarm of ladybugs around the lights, and Casey was trying to kill them with my shoes. She hit one that was on the light, and the light died. Chanel ended up fixing the light by hitting it again. We ate tons of candehhh provided by Chanel, and we were pretty much sugarhigh the entire night. Lombardi came in and scolded us for being loud and turned off the lights coz it was like, half an hour past lights out. I stole Shannon's cell and texted Pat, but then I remembered he did something idiotic that fucked up his inbox. I would've called him, but Casey was there, and yeah. I missed him a whole bunch, even though he was within a 30-60 feet radius of me. Anyway. We stayed up talking about stuff, and I eventually dozed off with my contacts on around 1:00.

Friday, October 13th, 2006 - Casey woke us up around 6:45, then Lombardi came in and woke us up at 7:00. I got dressed, packed up, and made myself presentable. Then I was like, "Okay, time to put in my contac- WHAT THE FUCK, WHY CAN I SEE?!" Hahaha. Alex came in, so we left together for the dining hall. We saw Pat and Jordan, so we attacked them. We had breakfast, and I only had hot chocolate because it was so fucking good. I love marshmallows. We had 12 minutes of glorious free time before activity one, so me and Pat hung out in front of the dining hall.

Initiative Games were hilarious. My group OWNED at Acid Swamp, and we won at Piranha Lake thing. We tried to do the Electric Fence, but because it was wet, slippery, and snowy, we gave up. The Wood Carving thing at SWAMP was pretty cool. I wrote Ros ♥ WTFBBQ! on one side, and I R E.T. on the other side. Chris' totally owned. Chris on one side, and zOMG!1WTF=D on the other. That was hilarious. We had Prisoner Break afterwards, but they replaced it with Free Time instead. I was walking around with Chris until I saw Pat, so I attacked him. My hands were cold, so he put them in his pocket. Aw. x) We walked to the dining hall for lunch. Hamburgers. Haha, as soon as prayers were over, Jacob fucking ran to the kitchen to get us some. I had two, and I felt like throwing up afterwards. The cookies were amazing though. Awgasm. Afterwards, we went back to our cabins to get our luggage and haul them to the buses. Alex & I waited around the dining hall for Pat and Jordan.

Closing Ceremony was jokes. Best part was when the guy called up everyone who was still in, without saying Simon Says, and Chris went up all happy and shit. Then Iba totally cheated rocked at it, and practically won. Then we had to leave. Pat walked me to my bus, and we said our goodbyes really fast. Busride home was pretty sweet. Same seating arrangements, and everything. Oh, oh, it's official, Austin is yet another emotional rape victim of Seabiscuit. Ah nuu. Anyway. We prank called Rhodes, and Luke was like, "Hello, dees ees China Porno. We beeleeve you have Sausage Fest for two monts now, and we are asking you to reetawn eet. Eet makes me and mai husband vehry hony, so pleese reetawn eet to dee address leested on our beesness cawd. Thank you." Haha, so jokes. I called Pat like, 8 times, but he didn't pick up. Then at the very end of the busride, he calls, and apparently the vibrate thing wasn't working. LOL, what a whore. Anyway, yeah. Aww, Arthur had his arm around Casey. Even if she's... yeah, those two are so squishy.

We got back to the school around 6:00, and unloaded. Pat came over and hugged me, and we stood around waiting for my brother and his brother. Pat was terrified that he'd have to meet George, haha. Luckily, his brother came first, so he left. Then he came back 'coz he had to talk to O'Neill for something. He introduced me & Chris to his brother, then he hugged me goodbye. Right after, my brother came to pick me up. Crisis averted.

Afterwards, dinner with the fam, Sue's fam, and Sue&George's friend's fam. Orgasmic shit. I ♥ Shark Fin Soup. Oh yes.

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went to mcCarthys at 11 to get the rest of my uniform. dropped by pacific mall for lunch. almost threw up coz i ate too much D: dad bought us starbucks (omg vanilla latte!) on the way back, and i was listening to my ipod. saw fiona on my way home, and hung out with her for a bit. talked for a bit, then i left. talked to pat when i got home. apparently he might be moving. i dont want him to. i never knew i could fall so hard for someone so fast. miss him. D:
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ahhh hate D:

woke up at 6:50 today, and me and my venti caramel macchiato caught the 7:39 bus D: saw chris on the bus, but we were separated by a busload (literally) of people. walked with him up to the school, amd got in at 8:24ish. walked around a bit, avoided chris' ex (even though she's like my bffl) and casey. aghh hate! aww plc today.

homeroom/plc gaayest shit eever. went to the dell lab, only to get sent back to 238. then only to get sent back to the fucking library again. went INTO the library, signed in, and some stupid whore of a teacher wouldn't let us out. "I'M SORRY BUT IM JUST DOING MY JOB" ooooomg, haate. ended up leaving anyway, but since the caf was full, this teacher guy was pretty much putting us in classrooms... but me and chanel just ran down some staircases and hid the bathroom for a bit. then we ran down to the caf, and ran back up... then back down, and saw teacher guy. made up some bullshit story that we had to talk to ms. baker, and we totally got him. went into the caf, chanel went with her crew, and i attacked pat and the other kids. watched pat listen to my music, and also watched chris and mike play bloody knuckles. aww violent.

cgc1df dell lab, pretty much screwed off with jordan, eric, and greg.

hre1o1 shrek 2 encore. got kind of teary eyed because "our song" came on. then i remembered what happened yesterday. and then i realized...

lunch stood around with pat, mike, and chris, then they ditched me for outside, so i sat with kiera, sabrina, traci, and rebecca. they asked me about what i'd do if pat asked me out, and i said i didn't know. sabrina said that im not alone, and she's scared as well. went outside for a bit, then went back in. walked around with pat, then casey came over, so i left and hissed, "haaate" to bree. walked upstairs with austin and bree, looked for david, then sat in the stairways with alex, billy, austin, bree, and mi..chael? saw arthur XD

fef1d1 told austin about thing, learned about l'imparfait. work period.

mpm1d1 hung out with bree in the halls talking, saw chris, got a hug, saw pat, got a hug. went in when we saw anozie. work period the entire time.

apres l'ecole parkway with pat, luke, chris, mike, and eric. auugh, hate them all, always taking out my hairties, making fun of me, etc. pat was extremely happy when i was like, "OMG HATE CASEY OMGGG" lmao, she was at the bus stop, and pat went over to say hi to austin, so the rest of us kept walking... pat catches up, and like 10 seconds later looks back and hisses, "OMG SHE'S COMING, MAKE A RUN FOR IT OMG!" hilarious. eric, luke, and mike went bowling while me, chris, and pat stayed behind in the food courtish thing. pat and chris were talking in code/french while i "spaced out." i actually knew what they were talking about because chris told me yesterday, but i didnt want pat to know. sat outside for a bit, and then that happened. why did it feel so fucking right though? what the hell. waited for pats bus, then chris&i walked back to the bus stop by our school (POINTLESS!). got home around 6:20.
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brantford's twin valley farm with the fam + uncle john's relatives today.
i really don't feel like doing anything, i just feel like...
i don't know. i feel so invisible right now.
i really miss him beyond words.
and i'm really disappointed in them
and i'm really hating a certain person from school right now
i hate her, i hate her, i hate her.
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pmall with all the cool ppl from ward today.
"get your eggs, here!"
subway = love
ugh, fiona, jacqueline, and tessa are retarded sometimes.
i get home at 8 and find out there's a sleepover tonight
and they called yesterday at 3:30, when they know i get home at 4
and didn't even bother to call back
stupid, ughhh. they know how much this gets to me
i wish they'd use their fucking heads sometimes.
i miss dallas. he always used to listen to me, and hug me
when i felt like shit, or like kicking the crap out of someone.
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weekend was liive =)

saturday, basically sat around, drank starbucks, and finished homework. spent the day on my 17 questions of math. also got into a fight with my dad because i dont fucking understand him when hes trying to explain something to me. finished up my geography notes for chapter one (yaaay, i have one chapter to go!)

sunday... woke up at 11, showered, ate, ran to the bank for my mom... then queen with the bests =) sat in the park eating ice cream for a bit, went to the nutty chocolatier for jelly beans, then headed to the beach for some serious talk-time. sat on the rocks, and laughed just like old times. this week made me realize just how much i miss them, and how no one can replace them. it was a pretty pretty scene though... i mean, the sky was all blue, and the sun was bright, and the water looked very tropical rather than urbanly polluted. and we were just sitting on the rocks and stuff. headed home around 4:45 for dinner. uncle john's relatives came for dinner (all the way from holland) and my GOD his brother looks EXACTLY like him. it's so fucking scary. george & sue also came over.

bed time, then school tomorrow. fuck yeah. woot.
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'kay so, it's 5 minutes before 3rd period (basically, 5 minutes before lunch ends). Kathlyn, Carleen, Harut, and me, as well as some other people are standing outside of the French room, waiting for Ventura to come in. Then Arthur walks by, and only I notice... Then like 2 minutes later, Kathlyn says, "Roslyn, psst! There's Arthur!"

Of course, I already knew that.

Then Carleen goes, "Oh my God, he's staring at you!" By then, I'm giggling hysterically, so I look over in his direction. And he sure is staring at me. Shit. So I laughed even harder and blushed. God, I've never felt like such a GIRL lol.