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27 September 2006 @ 06:24 pm
ahhh hate D:  
woke up at 6:50 today, and me and my venti caramel macchiato caught the 7:39 bus D: saw chris on the bus, but we were separated by a busload (literally) of people. walked with him up to the school, amd got in at 8:24ish. walked around a bit, avoided chris' ex (even though she's like my bffl) and casey. aghh hate! aww plc today.

homeroom/plc gaayest shit eever. went to the dell lab, only to get sent back to 238. then only to get sent back to the fucking library again. went INTO the library, signed in, and some stupid whore of a teacher wouldn't let us out. "I'M SORRY BUT IM JUST DOING MY JOB" ooooomg, haate. ended up leaving anyway, but since the caf was full, this teacher guy was pretty much putting us in classrooms... but me and chanel just ran down some staircases and hid the bathroom for a bit. then we ran down to the caf, and ran back up... then back down, and saw teacher guy. made up some bullshit story that we had to talk to ms. baker, and we totally got him. went into the caf, chanel went with her crew, and i attacked pat and the other kids. watched pat listen to my music, and also watched chris and mike play bloody knuckles. aww violent.

cgc1df dell lab, pretty much screwed off with jordan, eric, and greg.

hre1o1 shrek 2 encore. got kind of teary eyed because "our song" came on. then i remembered what happened yesterday. and then i realized...

lunch stood around with pat, mike, and chris, then they ditched me for outside, so i sat with kiera, sabrina, traci, and rebecca. they asked me about what i'd do if pat asked me out, and i said i didn't know. sabrina said that im not alone, and she's scared as well. went outside for a bit, then went back in. walked around with pat, then casey came over, so i left and hissed, "haaate" to bree. walked upstairs with austin and bree, looked for david, then sat in the stairways with alex, billy, austin, bree, and mi..chael? saw arthur XD

fef1d1 told austin about thing, learned about l'imparfait. work period.

mpm1d1 hung out with bree in the halls talking, saw chris, got a hug, saw pat, got a hug. went in when we saw anozie. work period the entire time.

apres l'ecole parkway with pat, luke, chris, mike, and eric. auugh, hate them all, always taking out my hairties, making fun of me, etc. pat was extremely happy when i was like, "OMG HATE CASEY OMGGG" lmao, she was at the bus stop, and pat went over to say hi to austin, so the rest of us kept walking... pat catches up, and like 10 seconds later looks back and hisses, "OMG SHE'S COMING, MAKE A RUN FOR IT OMG!" hilarious. eric, luke, and mike went bowling while me, chris, and pat stayed behind in the food courtish thing. pat and chris were talking in code/french while i "spaced out." i actually knew what they were talking about because chris told me yesterday, but i didnt want pat to know. sat outside for a bit, and then that happened. why did it feel so fucking right though? what the hell. waited for pats bus, then chris&i walked back to the bus stop by our school (POINTLESS!). got home around 6:20.
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