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17 September 2006 @ 11:22 pm
weekend was liive =)  
saturday, basically sat around, drank starbucks, and finished homework. spent the day on my 17 questions of math. also got into a fight with my dad because i dont fucking understand him when hes trying to explain something to me. finished up my geography notes for chapter one (yaaay, i have one chapter to go!)

sunday... woke up at 11, showered, ate, ran to the bank for my mom... then queen with the bests =) sat in the park eating ice cream for a bit, went to the nutty chocolatier for jelly beans, then headed to the beach for some serious talk-time. sat on the rocks, and laughed just like old times. this week made me realize just how much i miss them, and how no one can replace them. it was a pretty pretty scene though... i mean, the sky was all blue, and the sun was bright, and the water looked very tropical rather than urbanly polluted. and we were just sitting on the rocks and stuff. headed home around 4:45 for dinner. uncle john's relatives came for dinner (all the way from holland) and my GOD his brother looks EXACTLY like him. it's so fucking scary. george & sue also came over.

bed time, then school tomorrow. fuck yeah. woot.
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